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Frequently Asked

Are my booth properties insured while in transit and on the show floor?

The responsibility for proper insurance coverage of booth properties rests with the owner and or shipper of the exhibit properties. It is imperative that comprehensive insurance be arranged prior to shipping. Insurance should cover the booth while in transit and at the show site. Check with existing insurance providers and purchase pertinent riders if needed. An additional source of help can be found at the following site: kandkinsurance.com.

Can shipping forms for return shipments from the show sites be completed prior to the show?

Prior arrangements should be made with your carrier with regard to dates and times of the move-out. If the show is serviced by a general service contractor/decorator (i.e. ges, freeman, champion, brede etc..), the exhibitor or hired dismantling company must complete the decorator's bill of lading indicating the method of shipment and the carrier's name in the appropriate section of the form. Address labels can also be obtained from the decorator's service desk on site. Call Cargo Solutions, Inc. For more details that will ensure a successful move-out.

Is it best to ship direct to site or advance warehouse?

Drayage charges (charges by the decorator for handling of the freight within the show facility) vary by decorator for shipments sent to advance receiving vs. direct to site. The advantage of sending the shipment to advance receiving is that your freight will be placed in the booth space prior to freight that is delivered directly to the show site. The decorator takes all freight that was received in advance at their warehouse to the show floor and to the respective booth numbers prior to exhibitor move-in. Shipments sent directly to the show site will be off-loaded from trucks on a first-come, first- serve basis. Labor can be more efficiently scheduled when shipments are sent to the decorator's warehouse in advance of the move-in date.

The advantage of sending shipments directly to the show site is that the freight is handled only from the shipping point to the show floor. This option is often preferred for shipments with a large number of crates and for shipments requiring minimal handling.

Should our cases be skidded at the show site upon the completion of the show?

Properly shrink wrapped skids is always preferred to loose cases and cartons. It is very important to itemize your pieces on the bill of lading according to the proper description. If cases are skidded and shrink wrapped, the piece count must match the number of individual skids instead of the number of pieces on each skid (you can note that the skid is "said to contain-- stc" the number of pieces on the skid). Additionally, distinctions must be made between wooden crates, fiber cases (flats or tubs), trunks, carpets, pads etc.Additionally, distinctions must be made between wooden crates, fiber cases (flats or tubs), trunks, carpets, pads etc.

Can Cargo Solutions, Inc.make arrangements to store our exhibit between shows?

Cargo Solutions, Inc. has long-term relations with numerous exhibit industry suppliers throughout the United States. Please see our industry resource guide section for more information. Additionally, you can call our office with specific details about the location and time period for storage. Cargo Solutions, Inc. will be glad to guide you in this area.

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